Farm Evolution Marketplace

The integrated vendor management solution for America’s prized farm markets.

An all-in-one resource to improve vendor management and stimulate growth.

Rooted in the unique American farmer tradition of cultivating cooperative and engaged relationships with their local communities, our centralized system reduces busywork and enables you to focus on activities that drive your business forward.

Simplified Order Management

Place orders to multiple distributors in one place, manage changes, and view order status and history.


Transparent Marketplace

A competitive environment to save market members time and money and increase profits.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Stay informed from anywhere with our cloud-powered software accessible on your mobile device.

We’re in the towns that make up the heartbeat of America.

Our experts will guide you step-by-step though the setup process. Your online marketplace will be ready for you in as little as a day.

Empowering Farm Markets with Solutions to Thrive

At Farm Evolution, we turn your vendor relationships right-side-up by eliminating your need to learn, access and use multiple vendor portals. With our Marketplace, vendors come to you to sell their wares and provide all the data you need to make smart, swift buying decisions.

Evolving to Better Serve Community Needs

Since our beginning nearly a decade ago as Dutch Baker’s, a buying group of farm markets, we learned and lived the distinct challenges of the country market owner. The Farm Evolution Marketplace (FEM) was created in direct response to shifting market dynamics we experienced first-hand.

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Our experts will guide you step-by-step

Your marketplace will be ready is as little as a day

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