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 With over 45 years in the food industry and 22 years in software engineering, Farm Evolution proposes a revolutionary cloud-powered system that ushers in a more efficient, profitable, streamlined era for independent retail farms.

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We Empower the Farm Market Community with Advanced, User-Friendly Technology

We are rooted in the unique American farmer tradition of cultivating cooperative and engaged relationships with their local communities. Farm Evolution applies these principles while representing member’s shared interests as a collective. In doing so, a competitive environment is created to both save market members money and stimulate business growth.

Brian Carlson

Chief Executive Officer

Albert Dudley

Chief Technology Officer

Our Principles






Dedicated to Representing the Farm Community’s Best Interests

In 2013, a group of farm markets formed a buying network called Dutch Bakers Associated. The objective was to improve vendor management, gain insight into competitive opportunities, and analyze optimal solutions.

We represented the farming community’s best interests while cultivating mutually beneficial vendor relationships through marketing programs and exclusive pricing agreements. We quickly established a competitive and transparent marketplace that more effectively engaged with market vendors to increase profitability.

As the network grew, Dutch Bakers realized we could expand our principles to be all-inclusive. We developed a technology solution that comprehensively addressed the farming community’s challenges and goals. The Farm Evolution Marketplace, offers a savings value to the farming community and preferred distributor partners that reduces costs and increases profits.

By creating a portal where competing industry vendors engage a member’s business marketplace, vendor relationships are turned right-side-up. The farm community eliminates reliance on any single vendor for stable operations. Moreover, our new marketplace solution increases insight for an exponentially more competitive and transparent environment.

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