We empower the farm market community to make highly informed business decisions by establishing a transparent marketplace with real-time market data.

Stomp Out the Complexity

Powered by our proprietary, cloud-based network, Farm Evolution Marketplace gives you anytime access to centralized, streamlined vendor information in a format that’s transparent and competitive.

Our Success is Your Success

We negotiate exclusive marketing programs for our purchasing community. These programs have resulted in substantial business development support and savings from preferred vendors, including $1 million in invoiced savings since 2013 with an average of 20% in savings.

Full Feature List

Farm Evolution is tailored to service your market in a rapidly changing world.

Order Management

Place orders to distributors in one place, manage order adjustments, and view order history and status.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor relationships in one system with real-time market insights designed to drive business decisions.

Competitive Environment

Make informed purchasing decisions in a marketplace format that’s transparent and competitive.

Marketing Support

Access marketing programs including advertising, promotions, off-invoice rebates, and point of sale material.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Enlist our services to make data-driven enhancements that develop your brand and products to stimulate sales growth.

Transparent Pricing

Interact with a network of distributors in a transparent marketplace designed to reduce costs and increases profits.

Delivery Discrepancy Reporting

Enhance your cost control processes with improved production planning and accurate accounts payable.

Special Pricing Deals

Exclusive pricing agreements may include cost plus, group pricing and volume discounts.

Mobile Platform

Manage orders on the go with our cloud-powered business management software.

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We register each account individually in order to ensure the sanctity of our platform, and aid members in customizing their account to fit their needs.

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